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If you are setting the printer for the first time follow the below instructions given and setup your new HP printer easily. Unbox the https://sites.google.com/setups.great-site.ne t/123hpojpro9025/homeby removing all the packing materials and recycle the materials.
https://sites.google.com/setups.g reat-site.net/solutionsbrotherwindows/home I
https://sites.google.com/setups.great-site .net/turbotax-log-in/home I https://micro-soft-365setup.com/
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How to fix Netgear router not working?
This post is all you need when the Netgear router is down. can perform router troubleshooting related to many problems. Any Wi-Fi router could have a performance-related issue that can disrupt your Internet connection. Read this post to the end and let's get started with basic troubleshooting of your Netgear wireless router.

Why is the Netgear router not working?
Now this is something you need to pay attention to and understand the problem. If the router has stopped working or your router is not working after reboot, the following problems may cause the internet outage

Netgear router / modem overheating
internet cut or isp disconnection
Outdated firmware or configuration change
A security breach or incorrect configuration
A faulty cable or other technical failures
Wi-Fi issues such as overheating, ISP disconnection, configuration change, firmware update, or security connection could be the cause of router issues. To troubleshoot Netgear router not working, try these steps below.
https://www.not-working.co/netgear-ro uter-login
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